Valentines Day


Valentines Day used to be the shit.  When you ain’t got nobody it is shit….bullshit.  Over the years I have gotten everything from jewlery to candy to teddy bears to even underwear! At one point, even  after we broke up, I still had an ex-boyfriend buying me valentines gifts ……..until I got married!  Damn…maybe I shouldn’t have said nothin and not have invitedhim to the wedding….maybe i would not be pissed this week! LOL

But Anyways….

  This year I will be getting the same thing that O.J. Simpson is getting…Not a damn thing!  Oh well….I ain’t mad, Sonic will be open that day and I will treat mysef to a few Strawberry AND Raspberry Limades during Sonic Happy hour (2-4)  …….If you have any bitter or Sweet valintines Stories….Please share…!



  1. Bex-N-Effect Said:

    Girl, we can send each other ecards.

  2. 70ssoulchild Said:

    Aww girl you’re so much better off..Shoot I rather have Sonic limeades than the regular Valentine’s Day fare anyday! Take a sip for me on Thursday because I’m with you in spirit.

    Peace and love,

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