Double Standards

I have a friend who has a son….

He says that when his son gets older, he will allow him to do alot.  Because he is a boy.  Because he will have testosterone.  But…

 He said…if he has a daughter, he will restrict her from EVERYTHING.  Not even let up a little bit……  Is this okay?  What do ya’ll think? 



  1. Natasy Said:

    Well, I dont know what testosterone has to do with. But I have two sons, my husband has two daughters. He doesn’t let them “do” as much as the boys “do”. But the still have activities that are girl-friendly and keeps them motivated, active and learning. We just split the responsibility. I take the girls, he takes the boys. I may not take the girls to the gym, we go get our nails done and buys new shoes. Same thing.

  2. Lteefaw Said:

    I think that’s crazy. Remeber what you put out in the world is what you get back. If you allow your kids to use and miss treat others you take the chance that someone will might end up doing the same thing to them.

    Let me share this story with you. I have a friend who wasn’t the most faithfull person. Anyway he thought his boys should be able to do what ever they wanted to. But his baby girl was just that “his baby”. Fast forward 15 years. Two of his boy’s found good women and get married prety young. All of them have homes, decent jobs, and lovely families. The type of kids anyone would want. Be his girl is a hot ass mess.

    She dropped out of high school, lives in the PJ’s, on welfare and has three kids (two of which were born in the same year), no good baby daddy’s, kids have no bed, no diaper and hardly any food.

    And my friend is heart broken. He never thought his “baby girl” would turn out to be like that. Evertytime he goes to visit his daugther he leaves there in tears because all he can think is were did I go wrong.

    I would never throw this in his face but I can’t help but think back on all the women (especially his wife) that he used and mistreated.

  3. It’s a crazy double standard that’s always existed…
    What’s kills me is this happens and folks wonder why people continue being bugged out.

  4. And really quickly, since I am curious…

    I decided folks have to tag more things about what’s really good with you, the vibe, etc.

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