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Ain’t nothin been going on the last few weeks but I try to write about the things that do…..

What do you do when you have a friend that is a ho?   A married ho? A married ho that is sloppy with her situation and at least could hide this from her kids?  My friend/neighbor, whatever you want to call it, has an addiction.  To men.  Many men.  Very many men.  Her husbadn of 12 years has deployed and most recently she and him have not been getting along.  So when he left, and the extra money started coming in, I guess she felt like she “found herself”.

Now…. let’s rewind a little bit to when I met her. 


 She was my walking buddy, a group of us would go walking and she eventually joined the group.  When I met her , what she wore to go walking, was what she felt was okay to wear throughout the day.  Same with the hair.  She was a nice person and polite and would do for anybody though.  Now….Let’s fast Forward.

*Fast forwarding*

 Now, the outfits are Named brand everything (RocaWear and BaByPhat), and tight to be damned and the polite talk has changed to “fuck this” and “fuck that” and “I don’t give a damn about nothing or nobody” and “Who cares”. ……HUH?  Then, everyweekend since November,  she has gone out.  Now, I believe in having fun, and I belive in doing for yourself, but am I  wrong to think that when you got 4 kids…(she has 4 kids , all by her husband, and I have 3)….and you are the only parent home since the dad is in Iraq, you should calm down on the outings……especially going to the club and JUST the clubs outings…..  Because I know the situation, it’s similar to mine in the routine, the weekend is really the only time , besides holidays, you really can enjoy your school-aged children. And when you going out, Friday night, and not showing up until  Sunday afternoon, what time do you have for your children during the weeks?  And then you complain your kids are getting on your nerves when you do see them, and THEN, when you do show up during the weekend, it’s with a different man. 


What killed me a thousand times was when , I went over to her house to talk to her about it, the different men where eveywhere, pictures of them and stuff.  We went into the computer room and there was a picture of her current “friend” on the desktop of the computer.  One of her kids walked in while she was talkin about it and everybody was ok …except me!  I yelled….she thought I was jokin….I so sad about the situation. 

 She is very insensitive about the whole situation as far as the kids, and she really gets mad when somthin happens……we hear about it when one of the random dudes she met did somthin.  Stole somethin from her and then if she told , anybody, they would contact her husband and tell him everything she told that dude.  Or she’ll come pick up or drop off her kids at school with a bunch of hickies on her neck and can’t hide them with turtlenecks because it’ had been hot the last few days, and her hair ain’t that long so you can see them…And we see them so she’ll tell us where they came from.  Sometimes you’ll see the different cars that be in her driveway.   I have talked to her but I think it will take soemthin else to convince her to slow down…..and if you ask her what’s the deal, she’ll say, “I just wanna be held”…..”C’mon now, I ain’t doin nothin”…..But why you lyin?


Take It Easy…..



  1. Q Said:


    that bitch is too much

    she is a hoe and if she doesn’t calm down you are going to have a dead hoe in your hands

    and THAT is one friend you can afford to lose

    And this shit? : going out, Friday night, and not showing up until Sunday afternoon

    I don’t even like doing that to MY DOG! let alone a kid of mine

    If I were you especially for the kids sake I’d sit her down for a talk, better yet if you have more friends tackle that bitch like an intervention

    is ok if she gets mad cause you don’t want that in your life no hoe but I’d insist in the following points:

    What about your kids? their safety around these men? example much?
    Is she AT LEAST Using protection?

    Would she be happy if her husband was playing her like that?

    And if all else fails be delicate with that shit, putting all these pictures around, exposing her kids? hickies?? shit at least be careful, meet up in a HOtel or something!, shit!

    This is why I don’t miss being a military wife, you see too much trifery, why just now one of my very best friends has her no good piece of shit man cheating on her in Korea for no real reason other than having a dick

  2. medea Said:

    Listen to me when I say that she is sad and confused due to her own damn mess. She wants someone to tell her she is right. Adults know when they are making stupid decisons. I think that you have put your self in the place of her personal savior. She knows what she is doing is trifling. In the end, you may see your friendship end. I know for a fact that when people get embarresed they use avoidance and pity to humanize what they are doing. Yes, humanize because she is acting like a robotic pelvis door. Someone needs to throw water on her ass fast. She has no respect for her husband and she felt guilty the first time she cheated. So she is lonely? She can buy a toy or close her cooch door. I just hope that no one approaches you with that easy lay mentality because of the company you keep. You want to be a friend, but I know when my friend’s man cheats on her she will not say it until I ask her about it. She is ashamed. It is ashamed that your walking buddie has so much energy, but such low self- esteem. I do not want her to end up like Tina Turner or any Lifetime move. I also know that when he finds out she is whoring like she has a pimp, he will want a paternity test. I can’t say that I would blame him.

  3. yazmar Said:

    the name of this blog caught my eye…nice commentary

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