Crazy Exes….

I have these two friends.  They used to date, and they are now exes.  Well one hates the other and the other is not in love but loves the other.   Well during the course of the relationship, there were things that took place that heavily influenced the break-up.  Well, once they broke up, we all thought it was over.  While one chose to move on with their life, the other fronted like they did as well. Fronting is the one who hates her ex and found somebody else and made it seem like they were set, however, they found excuses to still see the ex. The one who moved on in the first place, has two children, but does not have a relationship with anyone and seems to be content with life like that.  Fronting has voiced a emotional connection to the ex’s children since breaking up.  Where the story takes a turn, is when the fronting ex wants to see the kids, however, they always confront the ex with verbal abuse. The ex, who is single, decided to end all contact with Fronting to maintain stability in their life.

 Fronting has now declared a hate war against the ex and the ex has nothing but love for Fronting.  Everything has been used from bragging about the new relationship to acting like they don’t care and they do and most recently there have been online attacks.  They contact me to try to hurt the ex because they know I speak with them and use the reason of not seeing the children as a reason to make the ex look like the bad guy.  I tell them to walk away from the situation but they refuse and keep bringing a miserable life on themselves.  I know Fronting still cares about the ex because for somebody who doesn’t care about something, they wouldn’t waste time on it.  Was the ex bringing on drama by cutting Fronting totally out of their life?

Take it easy….


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