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In front of the kids….

I appreciate all the comments on my blog and I am sorry for those who read it and been wondering  why the long break.  I realize I may have a difference of opinion of people and situations , I know this before I type anything. I may make some stupid posts, I may make some great ones, I am still l young andthere is always room for improvement…  so with that being said, let’s move it along….

The other day I was just sitting back watching my kids play  and realized how happy they are as children.  Yes, sometimes they are bad as hell , but for the most part, they are really happy children.  I thought about my own childhood as I watched them, and realized I have plenty to be thankful for. Ok, let’s get down to business.  I say all this because of the foolishness i see on my block.   Grown adults who feel the need to act like damn kids in front of their kids.  I seen two of my neighbors get into it in one of their houses in front of their kids.  While it started out as a decent visit for myself, for them it turned ugly.  

I had stopped by a neighbor’s house the other day to drop off some aspirin for her.  I guess she was in a lot of pain because she didn’t allow her four kids to go to school that day.  So anyways she started to tell me about another one of our neighbors who she has beef with because of the way their supposed friendship had gotten.  Apparently, this other neighbor is the type of person who feels they are allowed to say and act how they feel, they should always be the know -it-all and be complimented at all times.  The problem is, is that, if one the  was to actually be a friend and share when this person is wrong then all of a sudden the friend who is trying to be a friend, is the bad guy and will get cussed out.    

So  I told Aspirin friend that she sounds like she was never a friend to begin with and Aspirin friend nodded and agreed.  Then Aspirin’s cell phone rang, I saw that she didn’t seem fine then I guess the other person on the line hung up before Aspirin could get anything out…..After that as soon as I said I had t go, I heard a loud noise, a screech and Shawty Lo playing in somebody’s car stereo, thumping, causing disruption, in the quiet of my neighborhood.  Instantly I ‘m pissed because the owner of the car leaves this music on as they walk up Aspirin friend’s driveway.   

This girl was pissed , banging on the door like it was the police, money hungry Girl Scouts, Kirby sales folk, broke family members that smelled your last two dollars from two counties over, Nosey neighbors who Think you have a juicy morsel of gossip about why somebody’s husband’s car hasn’t been at the house for two days straight……..

Aspirin girl looks a hot mess a this point, dragging along holding her head, answering the door…and that apparently was her biggest mistake.  Loud Car Music girl starts shrieking (not yelling), Shrieking, about how she heard Aspirin girl was saying a bunch of shit about her and if she had so much to say, why don’t she say it to her face?  Aspirin girl said i tried but—  But no said Loud Car Music, there is no buts except me kicking my boot in yours….. ( that is what she said her exact words)

Oh yeah….Loud Car music had 2 of her four kids come in with her….um…yeah….

So Anyway, Aspirin continued and said I tried to tell you and you are so stubborn and stupid you don’t want to listen….at this point starting to raise her voice, her kids not nearby but in the house.  Loud Car Music didn’t like that and began to shake…..I thought she was scared, but she seemed more angry than scared….maybe that is how she reacts I thought, she shakes when preparing for battle.  So Aspirin Girl then gets up and says that she can’t take much more of this bullshit and this is all making her head hurt even more and told Loud Music to get the hell out and take her ugly kids…Loud Music then started to make it seem like she was finna hit Aspirin….SO I stepped in.  I told them from what it looked like yall used to be tight, however, Aspirin ( I used her real name of course), you can have anybody you want in your home, however, you not thinking bout your kids….I said the same for Loud Music….you cussing and bout to through blows in front of your 1 year and 3 year old….what that look like?  What if one had injured the other or one of the kids…what could yall say to the responding cop?  Er…ah….we was being stupid?  I continued, Then folks wonder why their kids get older and be acting crazy in school or just in general. Because of the stuff they see.

  I am not the greatest or the nicest person in the world….but to see this happen in front of the kids was horrible. Loud Music looked at me like it went in one ear and out the other and eventually left, but not without making a comment about Aspirin having A black female Dr. Phil up in the house. Aspirin sat down and chilled out.  To me, some things and people are not worth going to jail and leaving my kids without their mother, even if a person is in for one hour…it’s just not worth it.  I didn’t let it go on because I found joy in it.  I let it go on for a little bit because I figured it would die down, I never saw them like this before.  Today they are still not friends….maybe it was deeper problem, maybe not….



I don’t know but


Take it easy






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