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Eating Good in the Neighborhood

Food is such a wonderful necessity……. but can also be the devil.

          Do you ever watch the Food Network and see things , then all of a sudden you hungry?       Happens to me all the time!Speaking of the Food Network, Paula Dean and her down home, homemade cakes and pies……. is out to get us all. I truly believe so. 

           Rachal Ray should really tone  down her excitement about the food she eats on just about every show she is on.  Damn.  Make me believe it’s something I can make and it may taste good.  Don’t be making noises that if you look away, you be mistaken and it sound like she having sex. For Real. Plus, all that mess is really not THAT good……really. C’mon now….. one episode Of “$40.00 a day”,  I saw she was eating something that look like it was going to jet off her plate, slap her for pickin at it and making noise while it was trying to sleep.

          Al Roker had a show on there…….tasting all sorts of stuff.  My question is, did he of all people really need a show?   Food Network Al?  You had gastric bypass, you lost them pounds, and then you going around tasting food. Couldn’t you do something else like…..well….I don’t know …a show about…. oh say…..


Anyhow, let’s get off the Food Network for a bit.  

I was always taught that presentation is always a plus.  If something looks nasty, it very well may be. Like:

 That was supposed to be pickled beets & eggs. Hey, to each his own I guess….

               Do you ever have those days where you really have a taste for something….crave for a long time because you have to wait till later to get  it or wait till the darn place opens and you want it afterhours?  I felt that way about a Quiznos sandwich a few days ago.  I didn’t want it when they were open but I saw a commercial when I got home, and it was late and couldn’t get it until the next day. THEN, I didn’t want it.  I hate that because taste buds can be like coupons.  Only good for certain dates, times, or moments.

Did you know this ALONE is 1400 calories?


             Makes your heart say a prayer, give  a shout out to the brain, pack it up, and ready to hang up the NOW closed sign……. just by lookin at it huh? Seems like all parts of this burger have specific roles. The bread looks like it is not enough but trying to hang on as best as it can.  The cheese seems to provide shade for the meat.  The meat looks like it  will kick anybody’s ass if the cheese doesn’t do a good job.  The bacon is just chillin but is on call for the beef if needed.  The mayo is praying nobody in the burger remembers it but, if so,  is there to clean up the mess and hold everybody together.  That’s an mean looking burger.  Just imagine how much the calories will go up if you want fries and a drink! wooooow!

             Back to Food Network…..I like Mario Batali.  He could switch up his clogs for maybe some sneakers but I guess he love them things.  I like Iron Chef too, I just wish I didn’t see that episode where the secret ingredient was peas.  Some dude on there made a peas popsicle thing.  It was a peas dessert.  Man, maybe it was good , but hell, I wasn’t one of the judges so  I didn’t taste it.  I saw it though.   Woo! Well, I could go on all day about food, but until next time….

 Take It Easy!!


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